Newton Abbot HeliClub Rules

Newton Abbot HeliClub 

Members Rules


1. Anyone flying on the site must be a fully paid up member of the British Model Flying Association. 

2. Do not fly IC powered models on the site before 8.30am or after 8pm. 

3. Keep to the tracks when driving through the farmer''s fields, minimise damage to the grass at all times. 

4. If you ask, or grant any other member of NAHC permission to fly your model, that member will have no liability for any damage that may result to your model from either pilot error, mechanical or electrical failure. 

5. Anyone flying a model that is considered to be excessively noisy will be asked to make the model quieter before flying again. 

6. NAHC is limited to 50 members.

7. To become a committee member you must have been a member for at least 3 consecutive years.


1. Do not fly or hover on the spectator side of the flight line - Fly only beyond the flight line. 

2. Never fly over the parking area, road, adjacent farmers fields or spectators. 

3. Make absolutely sure that no one else is using your assigned frequency before turning on your transmitter. 

4. Please ensure you use the pegboard. The club uses the "Peg on" method. Anyone not using the peg board correctly will be liable for any damage caused to any other member’s model. 

5. If you change your transmitter channel number please notify the chairman or secretary immediately so that the list can be updated. 

6. Take extra care when animals are nearby. 

7. All club members are bound by the rules of the BMFA detailed in the BMFA ''Members'' Handbook''. Ensure you read carefully all sections relating to Helicopter flying.

8. All club members must demonstrate their failsafe when requested to do so by the safety officer (or committee member).  Failing to comply will result in the model being grounded.

9. All members are safety officers. If you see anyone acting in a dangerous way, advise them immediately of your concern and report the incident to a Committee member. 

10. When starting any kind of jet turbine model a fully tested fire extinguisher must be at hand.

11.  When starting a fixed wing IC (or electric) the model must be facing away from the pit area and any person/property.  The model must be tethered and unable to move. Under no circumstance should a fixed wing model be taxied in the pit area.

12.  New members must have their models inspected by a competent person before they are allowed to be flown.


The club will allow a visitor to fly at the club providing they can give proof of up to date BMFA membership. Visitors may fly at the club on no more than 3 separate occasions before they will be asked to take out club membership. Visitors may only fly helicopters and must be accompanied by a full time member. There is a daily fee of £5.


Any member not adhering to the above rules will be treated under the guidelines set down by the BMFA for ''Lawful dismissal of members'' as follows; 

a. The member will be given a verbal warning by an authorised committee member in which the member is made aware of his misdemeanour and what they are reasonably required to do to make amends. 

b. If the member does not respond, they will be given a written warning by an authorised committee member to advise them of their misdemeanour and what is reasonably required to make amends. 

c. If they still fail to respond, the Committee will invite the member in writing to meet with them at a previously agreed date and time to discuss the situation, advising they are considering withdrawal of their membership. 

d. If they still fail to respond to reasoning or fail to attend without reasonable cause, the Committee will advise the member in writing that their membership is withdrawn, stating the reasons why this decision was reached. Neither the club nor BMFA subscription would be refunded. 

e. When the member is advised of withdrawal of his membership, they will be given the right to appeal. If they opt to appeal, this should be to the Club secretary at an Emergency General Meeting which the committee will call on behalf of the member at a previously agreed date and time. The motion to uphold the membership withdrawal, or reverse it, will be in accordance with the club’s standard voting procedure. 

* In the case of gross misconduct elements ''a'', or ''a'' and ''b'' may be omitted. 

Extra Guidelines and Rules of the NAHC 

(1) The bottom field at Buckfastleigh is to be considered as the primary flying site. Winter flying will take place from the hard standing near the field entrance. All flying should take place from the mown strips provided. 

(2) All cars and spectators should remain in the pit areas provided.

(3) No vehicles or spectators are permitted within the area between the flight line and the pit area. No aircraft may enter this area. Any aircraft that does enter behind this line, whether controlled or not must be brought down or removed from the area as soon as possible, even if this is at the cost of the model. 

(4) Do not allow the engine to run above idle speed when starting your model in the pits area. (Other than a quick blip with the rotors firmly held.) On no account should rotors be spun-up in the pit/car park area. 

(5) Only the pilot and one helper per model are permitted on the flightline. Certain exceptions at the discretions of the safety officer/ committee member. 

(6) Park in a sensible position when arriving by full size aircraft. (Which, you are welcome to do.) Park well away (Min 30M.) from any cars or models. 

(8) You are your own safety officer. It is your responsibility to operate your models in a safe and proper manner. Make any unsafe practice you are aware of known to any committee member.


Fixed Wing

Helicopters take priority over fixed wing.

Fixed wing may only be flown by a member who is actively flying helicopters. This is at the discretion of the committee members.


There is a website provided for public access to general information about the club.

Club members are provided with a personal logon allowing acess to a club forum and photo gallery. Any content uploaded by club members must be of decent nature. Any content uploaded is deemed the property of Newton Abbot Heli Club. Any abuse of these facilities will result in removal of content and suspension of user logons.